Look for us at Wed By Hand 2013!

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It’s most decidedly that time of year again – wedding planning season! We are excited to be working on new projects with several lovely couples, but we’re also gearing up to launch our new collection at Wed By Hand, Ottawa’s Indie Wedding Show!

Wed By Hand 2013 - Postcard

This year’s event is Sunday, February 10th, from 11AM to 3PM. It is located at the Glebe Community Centre at 175 Third Avenue.

We will be there with samples of past work and new work, ready to meet wedding-planning-couples and friends. We would love to see you there, so we hope you can make it!

Our Billy Balls Invite was on teevee!

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Exciting news – Krista & Robin of WedByHand demonstrated a short bit of my upcoming DIY invitation workshop on CTV Ottawa Morning Live earlier today!

You can now see WedByHand co-producers Robin & Krista demonstrate trimming for DIY wedding invites on CTV Ottawa Morning Live! Fun, we’re officially on YouTube!

Robin & Krista from WedByHand on CTV Ottawa

So – if you’d like to know more about DIYing your invites, just come to the workshop at WedByHand, or shoot us an email. We’d love to discuss your wedding and all you have planned for it!

How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

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I just got the schedule yesterday for the WedByHand workshop I will be teaching on February 11th! My workshop on Do-It-Yourself Wedding Stationery is at 1PM on Saturday February 11th, at the Glebe Community Centre. The workshop is part of the indie wedding show that I am taking part in, called WedByHand. The show costs $10 to get into, but the workshops are free, free, free!

I will be covering a lot of ground in 45 minutes, since there are so many ways to approach doing your own invites! Here is a summary of what we’ll be learning:

- Starting from scratch – designing and printing your own cards
- Picking the right paper stock and envelopes
- Sources for paper and envelopes (local and online)
- Scoring and trimming techniques
- Buying a customized design and printing at home
- Printing online or at a printshop

You can expect to go away with the knowledge to DIY your invites! Basically I will be giving away all of my secrets. Oh well. Something tells me I will still stay busy. :)

So, if you’re planning on undertaking a stationery project in the next while, I hope you can be there! They gave me the big room. The pressure is on… pressure makes diamonds, you know! Ok, back to work. Seacrest out!

WedByHand Meet & Greet 2012

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This week in general news:

I went to the WedByHand “Meet & Greet” this past weekend, which is a behind-the-scenes event in which the fabulous vendors of WedByHand (Ottawa’s Indie Wedding Show) get together to eat snacks, stuff swag bags with surprise goodies, and generally get to know one another!

I met several lovely ladies and three lovely men, and had amazing snacks provided by the host, Bowich. Also I stuffed a small portion of the 250 swag bags. It’s true what they say, many hands do indeed make light work. It was kind of like being at a quilting bee, except with less quilting.

Anyway – here is my photo (do you follow me on Instagram? I’m SixModern!):


Bowich is a gorgeous space, and the food was delish! Salmon cakes, rice wraps, and little chicken curry bites, with awesome homemade iced tea. Noms…

I saw some familiar faces from last year, including Mandi and Kate from Auntie Loo’s (Awesome Vegan Bakery), Kate Arnold from Flights of Fancy (Fab Fascinators), Natalie and her husband & partner Darcy of Natalie Lyle Photography, Amy of Splendid Events, and of course Krista, co-organizer of WedByHand and proprietor of Urbanite Jewelry!

I was also excited to meet some new people, including Aneka who will be teaching a yoga workshop at the show, Paige who is starting a wedding details company called “Sawyer & Sprout”, Renee, a jazz singer of Play I Do, and I was nerdishly excited to meet Katherine, the “Girl About Otown!” She is doing a workshop on first time home ownership and space design, which is related to her company Housters & Co.

Certainly I’ve forgotten some people, as I am wont to do, but hopefully this gives you a bit of a teaser and makes you want to get out to the show on February 11th! It looks like another amazing batch of vendors has been assembled. Come and pay us a visit! There will be snacks!

A CarrotMob I Can Get Behind

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Attention, everyone!! Tomorrow is the “Great APW Book Buy!” So if you know anyone who is planning a wedding, (or if you are!) consider this book as a Christmas gift. I haven’t read it yet, but I am willing to put my stamp of approval on it based on Meg’s amazing blog, A Practical Wedding.

Let me also say that:
a.) I probably wouldn’t have handled the torrential downpour during my outdoor processional quite so well without the attitude adjustment that came with discovering APW in the year before my wedding. APW is an amazing community of funny, intelligent women speaking openly and honestly about not just weddings, but MARRIAGE, and Meg is the heart of it all.
b.) I probably wouldn’t have gotten into the wedding industry as a stationery designer had I not discovered APW; it helped me realize that there was another way – a saner way – to plan a wedding. I realized that I could help other couples realize their own practical weddings, without having to sell out, charge double, or start being into ivy or tulle.

So! Meg is funny. She is smart. She takes a much-needed common sense view of weddings, and writes about it in an engaging and provocative way. AND – she is a woman who has built her own business from the ground up, and I sooooo want her to succeed and be happy.

So buy the A Practical Wedding book! Give one as a gift! Read and learn. You can thank me later. :)

Big Practical Besos from Otown!

Handmade Harvest = Awesome

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Took a tour through Handmade Harvest in Almonte last night – what a lovely and well-curated event! I look forward to them each year.

Saw a few friends there, Leah from Janie and Pamalamas Catering gave me a DELICIOUS lemon cupcake, and Krista from Urbanite Jewelry wasn’t there, but her lovely fall/winter collection was! I said hello to it.

I picked up a Salted Caramel Macaron from Katrina’s Macaron’s, and now I am trying to think of an excuse to have a Macaron party this holiday season. Zumazing.

And I picked up a super cute onesie from Phlox, (they’re based in Pakenham! Neighbours!) but I won’t say for whom, because that would ruin the surprise.

AND THEN – I got some delicious smelling all natural soap from Two Trees Soap (based in Rockingham). It smells like when my friend Shawndel went through her patchouli phase – it brought back fond memories!

Also, I developed a crush on a purse from 3rd Life, but I unfortunately decided to be responsible and stay on budget.  Boooorrrrrring, I know. She makes gorgeous stuff, very finely constructed! Wishlisted…

And I did pick up some delicious-smelling Christmas votives from Stittsville-based Candles by Karen. I am almost ready to start thinking about getting into the pre-Christmas spirit. Ha!

And I got one tiny stocking sized Christmas present, but its a surprise! No peeps from me.

Also I met Gina from Marin Press and discussed using her as a letterpress resource, should the opportunity arise. Letterpress anyone??! Lovely letterpress invites?? Let me know! I’ve got some Otown hookups now. : )

Anyway – loads of very talented and inspiring people! Mostly ladies. The Handmade Harvest team has done it again! Kudos. That is the many and-ing story of my trip to Handmade Harvest, and how I purchased many cute little things.  You should go! Next year. Since its over. Ahem. And now, I bid you adieu!

WedByHand 2012

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Wed By Hand Logo

Exciting news! I found out this week that I have been accepted to exhibit at the 2012 edition of  WedByHand, Ottawa’s alternative wedding show! Its scheduled for February 11th 2012, again at the Glebe Community Centre. It is a great event, and it really helped my find “my people” last year! You know, fun and modern stationery for fun and modern people? Those people! This is my booth last year:

Danielle and Tarah at WedByHand

Anyway – watch this space for more updates – because I ALSO – got accepted to teach a WORKSHOP that day! On DIY Invites. Yes, I will be revealing ALL of my SECRETS! Buahahahaaaaaa… I am excited.

Funny – on my workshop application, I listed my prior teaching experience as leading children’s groups at the library, and also teaching seniors to use the internet.  Ha! I am the most qualified person. But I am excited about this workshop – having met so many clients over the past year (yes, it has been a year now!), I am constantly confronted with the attitude  that what I do is in some way mysterious, and better left to professionals. Now, as a professional, making a (part of a) living designing invitations for so-called “lay people”, I appreciate this attitude to some extent. But since I know that what I do is NOT mysterious, particularly the printing and trimming part of it, I want to spread the word! YOU (yes, even you!) can make your own wedding invitations! Its pretty simple, you just need time, a bit of equipment and a pretty steady hand. Insider tip – I found out in first year design school that shots of amaretto are a good way to keep your hand steady. : )

OK. Bed time for this chica. Big hugs from the country, internets!


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Hey – SixModern got snapped! I finally remembered that we had been photographed at WedByHand, and THEN I remembered to pick up one of these photo newspapers, SNAP Ottawa. Lo and behold! We made the WedByHand Spread!

Danielle and Tarah at WedByHand!

Who cares if they missed the “Six Modern” bit and called us “DIY Invitations” based on a sign we had on the table? Who cares if  they misspelled my last name? Everyone does! And who cares if there is nothing to do with my business in the photo!? At least its a cute shot of Tarah and I.  : ) We in the paper, yo!

Six Modern Goes to TEDx Concordia!

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I attended TEDx Concordia last weekend, and was especially excited that my colleague Ilana from Twonicorn Toys was presenting a project she developed for visually impaired children! Yes, I know someone that gave a TEDtalk – that gives me some serious street cred. Ha!

And these days we are working on some new custom projects which I can’t wait to add to the portfolio – some really fun stuff! I will keep you posted.

ADDITION! New TEDx photos from evablue! This one is pretty awesome:

(Feb. 28/11 Update)