Birthday Cards and Birth Announcements

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Hello World!

Well, I can’t believe July is gone already. That is shocking! I have been a little distracted with Project Wedding, not going to lie to you. I thought I would be one of those clever brides who finished everything the month before, but it turns out that is NOT THE CASE AT ALL! Ha. Oh well, all the large strokes are in place. We’ll have clothes, food, booze and a place to sleep. What else matters? : )

Anyway – onto business!

So I am currently working on a couple of fun summer invite projects, but I am also excited to announce that we are branching out! I am working on designs for Christmas Cards! And Birthday Cards! And Birth Announcements! Craziness. Here are some pictures for you:

Poppy Birth Announcement

Birthday Party Invite

I will try to get these uploaded to the portfolio soon. ┬áSo hard to stay inside internetting when it is +30 outdoors! And then of course there are the wedding chores to attend to. But that will all be over with soon, and we can get back to takin’ care of business! (Every day!)

But for now, back to long weekend. Hope you are all having a great Civic Holiday! (Whatever that means…)

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