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Part of the cycle of making things that I am never really able to get used to is the requirement that you always must work a season or two ahead of schedule, to allow for the final product to be produced, and then released at the appropriate time. For example, at the recent Ottawa Fashion Week, designers exhibited their Spring 2012 collections. In September. Counter-intuitive, right? But it is the nature of any business in which you are producing things.

So in that spirit, this thanksgiving long weekend I made a lovely spring-ish invite and RSVP, in preparation for next spring! Billy Balls for the win! I love Billy Balls.

Billy Ball Invitation for Spring

And then, because it IS October, I made a fall one as well:

Queen Anne's Lace Invitation in Fall Colours

Actually, if I play with the colours, the Queen Anne’s Lace invite could be made spring-ish, and the Billy Balls is already sort of autumnal. Hmmm…. versatile!

Anyway – I will get these into the portfolio section this week, but just thought I’d drop a sneak peek! Let me know if you want to chat about them!

Big thanksgiving long weekend love from Danielle!

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