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Exciting news! I found out this week that I have been accepted to exhibit at the 2012 edition of  WedByHand, Ottawa’s alternative wedding show! Its scheduled for February 11th 2012, again at the Glebe Community Centre. It is a great event, and it really helped my find “my people” last year! You know, fun and modern stationery for fun and modern people? Those people! This is my booth last year:

Danielle and Tarah at WedByHand

Anyway – watch this space for more updates – because I ALSO – got accepted to teach a WORKSHOP that day! On DIY Invites. Yes, I will be revealing ALL of my SECRETS! Buahahahaaaaaa… I am excited.

Funny – on my workshop application, I listed my prior teaching experience as leading children’s groups at the library, and also teaching seniors to use the internet.  Ha! I am the most qualified person. But I am excited about this workshop – having met so many clients over the past year (yes, it has been a year now!), I am constantly confronted with the attitude  that what I do is in some way mysterious, and better left to professionals. Now, as a professional, making a (part of a) living designing invitations for so-called “lay people”, I appreciate this attitude to some extent. But since I know that what I do is NOT mysterious, particularly the printing and trimming part of it, I want to spread the word! YOU (yes, even you!) can make your own wedding invitations! Its pretty simple, you just need time, a bit of equipment and a pretty steady hand. Insider tip – I found out in first year design school that shots of amaretto are a good way to keep your hand steady. : )

OK. Bed time for this chica. Big hugs from the country, internets!

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