Handmade Harvest = Awesome

Posted November 6th, 2011 in Events, News and tagged , , , by daniellegrace

Took a tour through Handmade Harvest in Almonte last night – what a lovely and well-curated event! I look forward to them each year.

Saw a few friends there, Leah from Janie and Pamalamas Catering gave me a DELICIOUS lemon cupcake, and Krista from Urbanite Jewelry wasn’t there, but her lovely fall/winter collection was! I said hello to it.

I picked up a Salted Caramel Macaron from Katrina’s Macaron’s, and now I am trying to think of an excuse to have a Macaron party this holiday season. Zumazing.

And I picked up a super cute onesie from Phlox, (they’re based in Pakenham! Neighbours!) but I won’t say for whom, because that would ruin the surprise.

AND THEN – I got some delicious smelling all natural soap from Two Trees Soap (based in Rockingham). It smells like when my friend Shawndel went through her patchouli phase – it brought back fond memories!

Also, I developed a crush on a purse from 3rd Life, but I unfortunately decided to be responsible and stay on budget.  Boooorrrrrring, I know. She makes gorgeous stuff, very finely constructed! Wishlisted…

And I did pick up some delicious-smelling Christmas votives from Stittsville-based Candles by Karen. I am almost ready to start thinking about getting into the pre-Christmas spirit. Ha!

And I got one tiny stocking sized Christmas present, but its a surprise! No peeps from me.

Also I met Gina from Marin Press and discussed using her as a letterpress resource, should the opportunity arise. Letterpress anyone??! Lovely letterpress invites?? Let me know! I’ve got some Otown hookups now. : )

Anyway – loads of very talented and inspiring people! Mostly ladies. The Handmade Harvest team has done it again! Kudos. That is the many and-ing story of my trip to Handmade Harvest, and how I purchased many cute little things.  You should go! Next year. Since its over. Ahem. And now, I bid you adieu!

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