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Attention, everyone!! Tomorrow is the “Great APW Book Buy!” So if you know anyone who is planning a wedding, (or if you are!) consider this book as a Christmas gift. I haven’t read it yet, but I am willing to put my stamp of approval on it based on Meg’s amazing blog, A Practical Wedding.

Let me also say that:
a.) I probably wouldn’t have handled the torrential downpour during my outdoor processional quite so well without the attitude adjustment that came with discovering APW in the year before my wedding. APW is an amazing community of funny, intelligent women speaking openly and honestly about not just weddings, but MARRIAGE, and Meg is the heart of it all.
b.) I probably wouldn’t have gotten into the wedding industry as a stationery designer had I not discovered APW; it helped me realize that there was another way – a saner way – to plan a wedding. I realized that I could help other couples realize their own practical weddings, without having to sell out, charge double, or start being into ivy or tulle.

So! Meg is funny. She is smart. She takes a much-needed common sense view of weddings, and writes about it in an engaging and provocative way. AND – she is a woman who has built her own business from the ground up, and I sooooo want her to succeed and be happy.

So buy the A Practical Wedding book! Give one as a gift! Read and learn. You can thank me later. :)

Big Practical Besos from Otown!

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