Happy 2012!

Posted January 12th, 2012 in Off Topic by daniellegrace

Wow, time really speeds up around the holidays, doesn’t it? Luckily the twitter has my back when it comes to random but timely updating of this site! Well, since we are knee deep in the second week of 2012, happy new year everyone! 2011 was an awesome year (I got married!) but I am feeling pretty good about 2012.

So it’s that newly engaged time of year again, and I’ve been busy with new clients, and doing more work for old clients, but also! Getting ready for WedByHand, the indie wedding show I am taking part in on February 11th in Ottawa! Did you know I am teaching a workshop on DIY invitations this year? I am! And I am really excited about it. I think a large part of it will be cheerleading people to convince them that they can, in fact, DIY. So many of my printed goods clients are so sure that they couldn’t do what I do, but I am certain that they can!

And sort of on that note, I would also like to take this opportunity to promote Meg Keene’s “A Practical Wedding” book tour! She isn’t actually coming to Canada, but I would like to give her shout outs all the same. Meg is a great cheerleader for convincing couples to stick by their wedding guns, whatever they may be aimed at! So, if you are an American reader, or you plan to travel to the States in the next while, check out Meg’s book tour! And now, some fun promo banners:




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