WedByHand Meet & Greet 2012

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This week in general news:

I went to the WedByHand “Meet & Greet” this past weekend, which is a behind-the-scenes event in which the fabulous vendors of WedByHand (Ottawa’s Indie Wedding Show) get together to eat snacks, stuff swag bags with surprise goodies, and generally get to know one another!

I met several lovely ladies and three lovely men, and had amazing snacks provided by the host, Bowich. Also I stuffed a small portion of the 250 swag bags. It’s true what they say, many hands do indeed make light work. It was kind of like being at a quilting bee, except with less quilting.

Anyway – here is my photo (do you follow me on Instagram? I’m SixModern!):


Bowich is a gorgeous space, and the food was delish! Salmon cakes, rice wraps, and little chicken curry bites, with awesome homemade iced tea. Noms…

I saw some familiar faces from last year, including Mandi and Kate from Auntie Loo’s (Awesome Vegan Bakery), Kate Arnold from Flights of Fancy (Fab Fascinators), Natalie and her husband & partner Darcy of Natalie Lyle Photography, Amy of Splendid Events, and of course Krista, co-organizer of WedByHand and proprietor of Urbanite Jewelry!

I was also excited to meet some new people, including Aneka who will be teaching a yoga workshop at the show, Paige who is starting a wedding details company called “Sawyer & Sprout”, Renee, a jazz singer of Play I Do, and I was nerdishly excited to meet Katherine, the “Girl About Otown!” She is doing a workshop on first time home ownership and space design, which is related to her company Housters & Co.

Certainly I’ve forgotten some people, as I am wont to do, but hopefully this gives you a bit of a teaser and makes you want to get out to the show on February 11th! It looks like another amazing batch of vendors has been assembled. Come and pay us a visit! There will be snacks!

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