A Much Needed Holiday

Posted February 18th, 2012 in Off Topic by daniellegrace

Hello everyone! Wow, it has been a crazy month. WedByHand was a great success and I was happy to meet a whole new crop of wedding-planning-couples! Also my workshop on DIY Invitations was a hit (or so I hear) and I promise to post the guide I designed on the website very soon, so you can all get your DIY on! I’m also excited to get all of my new designs that were launched at WedByHand into the portfolio, but I have not found the time yet. Stand by!

Another reason things have been crazy is that I am currently en route to South America to visit some family. Hectic is a good word to describe the last month. Between meeting new clients, designing lots of fun invitation suites, planning a trip and a very busy day job, things have been a little nuts! So I am very excited to have some down time with my husband.

Thus – if you email me in the next couple of weeks, I may be a little slow at responding! But don’t worry, I’ll get back to you as soon as I get back. Look forward to working with you! Happy Family Day weekend to all of my Ontarian friends. Hug your families!

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