Molly & Kyle’s Gorgeous Palm Springs DIY Wedding

Posted July 26th, 2012 in News, Spotted by daniellegrace

This is a story of the magic of “teh internets”. A long time ago, my client Molly found us at Six Modern by searching for DIY Billy Ball Invitations. We conversed, we got on like a house on fire (what does that even mean? but we did!) and I whipped up an invitation and RSVP for the lovely couple. I shipped them off to Molly and Kyle for printing (through the magic of what? The internet of course!). Some time passes, and then Molly and Kyle get hitched! April 7th I believe it was…

Now, in July, I am searching Pinterest (if you haven’t heard of Pinterest, please don’t blame me if you get hooked on it), which, may I say, is for client work! I’m serious! Anyway – I’m searching on Pinterest and I see that Six Modern has been tagged in a photo by – my client Molly! Click click click – and here is a lovely photo of our design, as printed and enveloped by Molly and Kyle, all the way in California. Ah, internet… you always find a way to bring us together…

So swing by Sun and Sparrow‘s site to check out Molly and Kyle’s gorgeous DIY desert fete, (OMG, you guys really DIYed this!?) and in the mean time, here is a teaser shot! Showing our collective handiwork.

To Molly and Kyle: congratulations! Everything about your wedding turned out to be so gorgeous; we are honoured to be a tiny part of it. Best wishes to you both!


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  1. Hey Six Modern! Thanks so much for plugging us! Your work is awesome and amazing! We were super stoked that we were able to photograph your work! Kyle and Molly’s blog is going to be featured on 100 Layer cake later on this month. I’ll make sure to include you too!

    • daniellegrace says:

      Thanks Tiffani! Wow – 100 Layer Cake?! Now we’re up in the big leagues. : ) I will definitely keep an eye out for that!

      Thanks for the note and the great photos,

      - Danielle

  2. Molly says:

    ahhh! i just saw this.
    the invitations were such an easy thing thanks to you! we were so crazy about them and the whole package!


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