Back at Work! (Croatia Trip Highlights)

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Yes, that’s right – we are back at work following a most fantastic trip to Croatia! And then a short jaunt up North for a wedding, and then several day-job related trips around Canada. Things have been a bit hectic, but we are looking forward to getting back to designing this fall. Will keep you posted with new (Adriatic Sea inspired?) stationery designs!

Until then, here are some photos from my trip:


Friday Night Party on StrossMayer

Friday Night Party on StrossMayer Promenade – On our first night in Zagreb, we met some local Croatians here, chatted all night about our differing university experiences and then went for pizza cut and Pelinkovac.

Sunset in Plitvice Lakes National Park

Sunset in Plitvice Lakes National Park – We spent an afternoon walking the Plitvice Lakes area – Spectacular waterfalls, super clear water, fish everywhere!  Just don’t miss the last shuttle back, or you may have a 2-hour walk in full darkness wondering if the crunchy bush sounds in the woods surrounding you are bears or cougars. Whoops.

Maestral Waves in Zadar

Maestral Waves in Zadar – Our first view of the Adriatic was calm, and then 15 minutes later it looked like this. Ack! Zadar has a gorgeous walled old town, with shiny limestone streets, and the best grilled squid of your life.

Fire Dancer in Diocletian's Palace, Split

Fire Dancer in Diocletian’s Palace, Split – Split is fantastically hilly, with stairs everywhere and tiny laneways out of a chase scene in a James Bond movie. The old town centers on a 2-storey Roman emperor’s retirement palace, complete with Sphinxes and repurposed mausoleums. When you get tired of history, go and play Picigin at Bacvice Beach!

View of my morning snorkel in Hvar

View of my morning snorkel in Hvar – Hvar is hyped for a reason. It is a gorgeous island, where the climate allows grapes, lavender and olives to thrive. Here we encountered the highest percentage of d*bags, but our fantastic AirBnB and our amazing host Ante made it all worthwhile. Here we ate an amazing local fish stew called brodet and drank much too much wine.

Fort Lovrijenac from City Walls, Dubrovnik

Fort Lovrijenac from City Walls, Dubrovnik

Onofrio's Fountain in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik… what to say? Dubrovnik is so complete in it’s ancient architecture and layout that you feel almost like you’re in Dinseyland… but it’s real! Everything you see is older than Canada. The night lighting is fantastic. Every corner you turn is picturesque. Another Croatian city that is WORTH THE HYPE! Even worth the Canadian-style beer prices. : )


So my sum up of Croatia – is that if you get the chance to go, you really should. If you like food, amazing coffee, cheap and delicious beer pizza and gelato, the Adriatic Sea, or ancient history, there is something for you there.


Oh, I also went to Rome, and took a million photos of their fantastic vintage signage. Stay tuned for that action. And now, back to work! Drop me a line if you’re planning a wedding, or if you want to chat about Croatia!

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