A much overdue followup!

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Well, this year has gone by so super fast. I have a client-printed invitation that was sent to me this summer that I am JUST NOW getting around to photographing! It helps that I have a new camera. Oh well.

This is a custom DIY invitation I designed for Anna and Salim’s bicycle themed wedding at Irish Creek Farm in Lac Ste-Marie. When I met with Anna about this project at Illume Espresso Bar in Westboro, we ended up talking about anything and everything for a very long time! I seem to always get the best clients. Since their wedding was to be in a rural area, with different groups of people staying at different cottages and chalets, we made a pretty detailed custom map for the event. It even shows you where you can find wine, owls, and deer! And it was red and mint – so in this year. I was super happy with it, and Anna and Salim said they got tons of compliments on the set as well! See pictures below for more details.

Anna and Salim Invite and Map

Anna and Salim’s red and mint custom DIY wedding invitation and map

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Anna and Salim Invite and Map

Anna and Salim Custom Invitation

Here’s a detail of the invite – the clients decided to print it on linen paper – it adds a nice level of texture!

Anna and Salim Custom Illustrated Map

Here’s a detail of the map – check out the owl!

Anna and Salim Invite and Map

I love when my clients send me their invitations after they’ve printed them! It assures me that everything is working as planned. :) Plus – what awesome, pretty mail to receive! Congratulations, Anna and Salim! I’m sure your wedding was picture perfect!


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