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OMG!!! They are beautiful! I can’t wait to share them with Ari. I’ll let you know what we decide. WOW I really got chills when i opened the file. Almost cried!


Hi Danielle!

The invitations are absolutely beautiful and the embossing looks better than I ever could have imagined! Thank you for the time you spent on making the hebrew beautiful and readable. In addition to recommending you to everyone I know, I would love to write a testimonial or review for you too.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Best wishes,

- Sheilagh

PS. Everyone loved our invitations…we’ve had great comments like “modern”, “fun”, “funky”. “fresh”…

Wanted to tell you the invites and RSVPs were a huge hit! I can’t wait for people to see the table signs and name cards too!

Danielle! i LOVE them. thanks so much. I’m SO excited. I just hope Chris likes the same ones i do : ) i was thinking not only do they suit our Indian theme (love “east meets west” by the way) but the circular design kind of complements the Salon room we’ll be in. so great.

It was a real pleasure working with you. Thanks for you patience and beautiful creativity throughout the process.

All the best to you and your fiancĂ© as you plan your “twin” big day!

Thanks again,
Leah (+ Chris)

the invitations were such an easy thing thanks to you! we were so crazy about them and the whole package!